FCA Properties, Inc.

Facilities Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to providing tenants with a functional and safe working environment. FCA’s dedicated staff provides services to support preventive maintenance, system and facility repairs, as well as tenant specific modifications.

Preventive Maintenance

The ultimate goal of preventive maintenance is to minimize system and facility repairs. By proactively maintaining existing equipment and systems, FCA can keep buildings functioning properly and avoid emergency situations which could disrupt tenant operations. FCA’s personnel perform preventive maintenance on HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. In addition, elevator maintenance, parking lot resurfacing, and exterior building upkeep are included to provide tenants with a comfortable, safe, and attractive work environment.


Continuous facility and system repairs keep a facility looking and functioning optimally. When repairs are needed, FCA’s in-house maintenance staff can respond immediately on a 24-hour emergency basis to minimize down time and bring systems up as soon as possible. In addition, FCA has implemented an aggressive replacement program designed to not only be responsive to our tenant’s needs, but also to keep our facilities in excellent working order by replacing all major facility equipment on a scheduled basis.


If a tenant has a requirement to modify its space, FCA has the expertise to assist in this process. Whether it’s completing the engineering design, obtaining special permits, managing the modification effort, or supplying the labor to complete the project, FCA can provide assistance throughout this process to ensure complete tenant satisfaction.

facilities maintenance
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