FCA Properties, Inc.

Real Estate Development

FCA has developed projects ranging from 1,000 to over 100,000 square feet, and costing from $100,000 to more than $15,000,000. We have assembled an outstanding professional team that supports the financing, design, and construction phases of a project. As a result, FCA has earned a reputation for having developed quality projects on schedule and within budget.


Prior to the development of any project, FCA conducts a thorough cost analysis of each project to determine financing requirements. We have established relationships with local lending institutions that are experienced in financing both small and large construction projects. The selection of a financing institution is critical in establishing a real estate development team that can make decisions locally and in real time. This facilitates the decision making process so that projects can be completed within budget.

Architectural Design

One of the most important elements in the development process is selecting an experienced architectural firm. The firm must have access to an engineering design team that understands the needs of the tenant as well as the process of obtaining zoning and permit applications. FCA has partnered with an experienced local architectural firm that has a broad background in designing a variety of commercial facilities for multiple types of industries.

General Construction

The last component of the development process is obtaining a General Contractor (GC). The GC must have relevant experience in the construction of various types of commercial structures to include industrial, first class office space, and special purpose facilities for both government and industry. FCA has teamed with a local general contractor with an outstanding reputation for completing quality projects on schedule.

Real Estate Development
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